About St. Andrew’s








Picture This:  A bright, airy, beautiful sanctuary with two large colorful stained glass windows and clear windows with views of trees and a memorial garden. Gazing down the center aisle, your eyes fix upon the baptismal font and up to the prominent marble altar. The organ pipes at the back are impressive, and the music coming from them glorious. A banner of St. Andrew hangs on the wall as well as Stations of the Cross. Now, imagine all ages worshiping together in this sanctuary … scripture is read, prayers are said, hymns are sung, a sermon is preached, the young and the old share the peace and all ages are invited to receive the sacrament of Holy Eucharist.

At 10 a.m., there is the option of the Family Service of the Word: After the opening hymn and prayer, a child-friendly time is offered for families to sing, listen to a story, pray and say our creed. After worship, there is coffee hour where all ages share in a time of fellowship and refreshments.Throw in Adult Choir practice at 9 a.m. and Children’s Choir rehearsal after worship, and it sounds like many churches on a Sunday morning, doesn’t it?

In many ways, it is like many churches. But here at St. Andrew’s, we see ourselves as doing church differently. While we uphold our traditions as Episcopalians, we are open to trying new things. Our understanding of being church is holistic and as important as worship and learning are to our spiritual growth.

We believe as followers of Jesus, we are also called to serve others. So, we have a number of outreach ministries that engage all ages in feeding the hungry, caring for the impoverished and offering hospitality to the stranger. Visit the “Outreach” section of this menu to learn more.

Other ways of doing church differently are seen in the how we structure ourselves and share in ministries of leadership. Rather than hierarchical, we see ourselves as people and priest engaged in mutual ministry together. We strive to hear all voices and make decisions by consensus. We care for one another, young and old alike. We are committed to unity and doing what it takes to grow together in faith and love. As to our vision, we see ourselves as “a joyous, growing, inviting and caring Episcopal Church,” and we invite you to come and see what God is doing here in this church.

Please know that whoever you are and whatever your age, there is a place for you here, and we would love to welcome you to St. Andrew’s!